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Cheap Medical Insurance

Today, it seems almost impossible to find cheap medical insurance. Now there are other options that are available to individuals and families.

HealthCare One

Even though HealthCare One is not a 'health insurance' program, the program still offers discount medical cards to its members. This is becoming a popular option among Americans because it allows them to gain access to healthcare needed without facing any exclusions, limitations, or paperwork (such as with health insurance).

Those who have medical conditions should consider this option, especially if you are having difficulty qualifying for medical insurance. HealthCare One doesn’t mind pre-existing health conditions. Benefits include:

  • Chiropractic

  • Dental

  • Vision

  • Prescription

How it Works

With the HealthCare One, you pay a small monthly fee to gain access to wholesale rates.


This is a great way of lowering insurance costs by maintaining an insurance reserve fund. By using your own personal funds to cover insurance and health care costs, you'll assume your own risk, but you're also able to save significant amounts on premiums with a high-deductible health plan. Medical insurance companies will lower your premium rates as a result.

How Much to Set Aside?

This will be determined by your particular insurance needs. With funds on the reserve, you can eliminate some types of insurance policies that you can handle yourself. The funds you will need to reserve aren’t going to be as high for medical as it would for your home and auto insurance policies.

You can also lengthen your disability waiting period. You can use your self-insurance fund to allow you to extend it.

Switch to Emergency Medical Health Insurance

This type of policy only kicks in after a large deductible (often these plans are also known as high-deductible health plans). These plans allow you to save a large amount of money on your health insurance premiums.

With the Emergency Health Insurance option you will pay for your own doctor visits and minor medical procedures. During emergencies and bigger needs, however, the emergency health insurance will help cover the high costs associated with this care.

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